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SOLAR PANNEL 0.5V 0.225W 52*26mm

  • Model: SOLAR-PANEL-52-26
  • Units in Stock: 40
  • Manufactured by: Graylogix

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Solar Panel sun cell sunpower Polycrystalline solar cell Photovoltaic panel DIY solar Battery Charger 0.5V 0.25W 52*26mm Maximum power: 0.252-0.253W
Maximum current: 0.487A
Maximum voltage: 0.518V
Short-circuit current: 0.532A
Open circuit voltage: 0.564V
Conversion efficiency: 17.4%
Size: L * W = 52mm * 26mm
Thickness: 0.25mm
Solar panels life 5-10years. universal: wide range applications, No geographical restrictions, as long as there is sunlight can be used.

3. harmless: Not pollute the environment, solar energy is one of the most clean energy. High efficiency: up to 17.4%.

6. High reliability, Low attenuation.

7. Production of high-purity polysilicon highly sophisticated equipment.

8. Dark blue anti-emissive coating High quality absorbency.

9. Excellent low-light performance to improve energy efficiency.

10. Strict factory testing to ensure that each piece of products are in line with quality requirements.

11. Carefully packaged to ensure product safety arrival. The blue side connect "-" , gray side connect "+".
In order to ensure enough power, Suggest use solder strip or copper strips to connect. 1. Because the output power of solar panels depends on solar irradiance and solar panel temperature and other factors,
Therefore, the measurement of solar panels need under standard conditions (STC).
The standard conditions defined as: air quality AM1.5, light intensity 1000W/m2, temperature 25'.
2. Under this condition, the maximum output power by the solar panel is called the peak power. In many cases, the peak power of the module is usually measured by solar simulator.
The main factors affecting the output performance of the solar panel are as follows:
a. Load impedance
b. sunshine intensity
c. Temperature
d. Shadow. Applications: Solar power stations
- sloar light
- Rural electrification, Small home power systems
- Power supply for traffic, security, industry
- battery charging system
- Other industrial and commercial applications
- DIY project for standard framed solar panel
- solar cell phone charger
- solar backpack charger
- epoxy solar panel
- other areas

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