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Mini MP3 Player Module MP3-TF-16P

  • Model: MP3-TF-16P
  • Units in Stock: 5
  • Manufactured by: Graylogix

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DFPlayer Mini is a small and cheap MP3 module, can be directly connects the speaker. Module with battery power supply, speaker, keys can be used alone, can also be via a serial port control, as the For arduino UNO or anything with a serial port of single chip microcomputer a module. Perfect integration module itself hard to decode MP3, WAV, WMA. Software support TF card drive at the same time, support the FAT16, FAT32 file system. Through a simple serial port can play the specified music instruction, and how to play music, and other functions, without tedious underlying operating, easy to use, stable and reliable.

1, support the sampling rate (KHz) : 8/11.025/12/16/22 05/24/32/44.1/48
2, 24 bits DAC output dynamic range support: 90 db, SNR support: 85 db
3, fully support the FAT16, FAT32 file system, the largest support 32 gb TF card, support 32 gb usb flash drive, 64 m byte NORFLASH
4, a variety of optional control mode. IO control, serial port, AD button control mode
5, radio call waiting function, there is background music can be suspended. Advertising is back in the background continue to play
6, audio data according to the folder, maximum 100 folders, every folder can be allocated 255 tracks
Class 7, 30 volume is adjustable, 6 EQ is adjustable

1, vehicle-mounted navigation speech
2, highway transportation inspection, toll station voice prompt
3, railway station, bus station security check voice prompt
4, electric power, telecommunication, finance, business hall voice prompt
5, vehicle into and out of channel to verify voice prompt
6, * * voice prompt frontier inspection channels
7, multi-channel voice alarm or equipment operation guide voice
8, electric sightseeing car security speech notices
9, electrical and mechanical equipment failure alarm automatically
10, fire fighting voice alarm prompt
11, automatic broadcasting equipment, broadcast regularly

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